About Us

About Us

Since 2008 the Brain Injury Centre has been a leader into brain injury research and rehabilitation via the internet.

Our research has revealed face to face diagnosis of mild or moderate concussion traumatic brain injuries are financially expensive and out of reach of working class individuals.

For the past three years we have developed a two part online testing package which is very affordable and beneficial for all in self diagnosis.

Why take the test 

Accidental concussion brain injuries are the most overlooked human injury by first responders medical practitioners and hospital emergency rooms.

If you have suffered an accidental  blow to the head without losing consciousness there may be no medical record kept of an undiagnosed mild or moderate concussion.

Symptoms of mild or moderate concussion such as memory, logic and reasoning issues may subtlety affect an injured individual's sense of their established self. A person's life may feel less in control without knowing the concussed brain has been permanently damaged.

Our world first testing has been scientifically developed to accommodate individuals who believe their treating medicos have missed or underdiagnosed their accidental concussion head knock.

Our first test is to create the foundation of memory, logic, reasoning along with other areas that can be measured as a baseline. The follow up test assists in possible changes which may determine damaged areas of the brain that could give medical or allied rehabilitation experts an insight for necessary treatments.

If you have any questions regarding brain injury, please contact us using the form below.

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